Friday, November 23, 2012

More FUN with METRICS! That's a list of the DOW stocks in order of the P/E, from highest to lowest.
Ya Know, IMPO, "T" and "VZ" were always the most stable and best dividend paying stocks in the DOW, and now, well, I consider them absolute pieces of fricking SHIT! Just think, IF, the earn at least the same NEXT year as this year, AND, they get a 50% hair cut on their stock price, they will, STILL, be the 7th and 8th most OVER VALUED stocks in the DOW. THAT, of course, depends on consumer spending NOT collapsing under the weight of $4/gal gasoline, WHICH, they have never held up at that price in the past, AND, in FACT, we always had a recession when it reached that price!
Wad ever, I looked through all the charts in the DOW, and, IF, one were disposed to "invest" in these things, one, MIGHT, POSSIBLY, MAYBE, consider the following:

To be honest of course, "T" and "VZ" probably look as decent as most of them, it's just that I REFUSE to get involved with the pieces of junk, hahahahahaha! I should note that I, STILL, think we go back and "test" the low we made last week, BEFORE, the huge rally in December, after DC passes a stop gap kick the can down the road thing on the "Cliff", and Pelosi links arms with the black caucus and march's down Capital Hill Boulevard as she did after passing Obamacare at 4 am on a Sunday morning WITH OUT reading it, singing we shall rise above.
What ever they pass, with out reading it of course, I can assure you that, YOU, will get totally SCREWED!

On Thanksgiving it's only appropriate to talk about, well, TURKEY, the best Country ETF in the WORLD has been TUR, it, MIGHT, be getting ready to do one of it's "things" again, starting on the left it went up, pulled back, went up, consolidated, went up, consolidated, went up, and is currently pulling back.
"IF", it can get over the high of one of the prior days an "Equal Move" scenario "could" put it at $64, that's just a guess of course. The last three pull backs or consolidations have taken "about" a month, so, we're almost there on a time basis.


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