Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rocky White over at Schaeffers says these six stocks have finished HIGHER 90% of the time over the last 10 Thanksgiving weeks: HL, SCSS, STSI, COH, NKE, TIF

Ya Know, I could go on from now until Doomsday over what an unstinkingFrickingBelieveable setup this is, I mean, we put on a long tailed Doji Hammer type candle in an "area" of PRIOR support with the biggest GREEN volume since........ well, since we put on a long tailed Doji Hammer type thingey candle back at the lows last June!! I'm such a sucker I actually brought some VOO in my Vanguard retirement account because, well, I can trade Vanguard ETF's for free in that account, SO I SAVED A DOLLAR, WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!
I could go on and on, but instead, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend you read Steve Hochberg's "Short Term Update" at EWI, WHICH, it just so happens, is FREE, but only until MONDAY, so read it NOW:
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OK, the only reason I brought Hochberg up is because he's saying we may, MAY, have hit a FIFTH WAVE bottom on the SPY and DIA on Friday, which, if so, would be the bottom of a MAJOR WAVE ONE, which means we rally into a wave two top, and then, we start down on the, as Robert McHugh would say, the CATASTROPHIC CATACLYSMIC DEVASTATING WAVE THREE OF THREE OF THREE (add infinite) DOWN, hahahahahahaha, into the depths of HELL I might add! I love those Elliott Wavers, I'm not sure but I think Daneric might have the same count, Daneric's Elliott Waves, but I can probably guarantee you that Tony doesn't have the same count, The Elliott Wave Lives On, as his count has us, as Buzz Lightyear would say, going "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND"!
You notice Hochberg didn't include the Q's as having an ending Fifth wave, he's not sure, we may be setting up for a couple of 1-2 1-2 dump and rally things before we get going to the upside, wad ever. 
Anyway, this thing basically scares the shit out of me, for going long OR short, even with the rally we still haven't broken over the upper down sloping trend line on the 60 minute chart, plus, and what's REALLY scary, is we had the BIGGEST volume bar of the day the LAST HOUR, meaning, SOME BODY, was LOADING UP, that some body being DA BOYZ of course, as they get ready to take profits Monday morning after they take us which ever way they already have planned during the over night futures on Sunday and then in the premarket morning on Monday, which, Ya Know, they completely control the futures, so they will take it which ever way they had planned for it on the load up Friday. 
I put the shorter term daily chart up there to get a better picture of the volume and the candles between now and June, plus to reiterate all the over head resistance we have at the WHOLE NUMBERS above us, as I showed on that 60 minute chart a few days ago, plus the over head down trend line comes in at around $64, which is going to be big first resistance (IF WE GET THERE!!), then the next trend line is sitting up around $68. 
I couldn't finish without a rag on Bubblevision, hahahahaha, they assured me, ASSURED ME, that Thanksgiving week is always, ALWAYS................POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!! The nice thing about Bubblevision and their endless bull shit sales pitch's, is they never show charts that don't back their bull shit up, hahahahahaha, for as the chart at the top shows, all you have to do is go back to Thanksgiving week LAST year, to see that it was A STINKING DISASTER!!! In the red box it went down EVERY day that week, and ended with a GAP DOWN LOW on Friday.
I only bring that up to remind, MYSELF, that we don't, HAVE, to go higher next week, but I will say that over TIME, the odds are that we DO finish higher, but that's neither here nor there.

HAHAHAHAHA..........come on now, THIS CAN'T BE TRUE:

VERY, "CUTE", STUFF, AIN'T IT!!!!!!!!!!  


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